The Ark Co-op

Murals - Page 5

These are murals painted on the walls of The Ark

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The famous pool parties with a cash bar on Fridays are part of the Ark lore.

Bartender was actually a house labor. Many a time the police would try to shut us down. They succeeded for a while but we brought it back in style.

Dave Deming on the left with a beard, Shelly Damon to his right.

Jill Kayser is the blonde relaxing, "Arkie style".

Bobby Miller is to the far left foreground.

The mystery man to the far right, his back to us, is Phil Smith.

Phil became the last director. His triumph was to take 36 of us to Mexico.

We went in March, knowing The Ark would close in May, never to re-open.

Ark parties, our trip to Mexico, and the closing of the Ark require separate websites.

Be patient, in due time my friends, in due time. Our story shall be told!

This is a satellite photo of the Ark. Notice the swimming pool. It was taken from the site. Thanks to Frank Rudd for the photo.

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